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Compendio de narraciones entrecruzadas, no sería Lucía y el sexo la formidable película que es sin una puesta en escena que se ajusta como un guante a las necesidades de su autor.


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Sex and Lucia (2001) US TRAILER [HD 1080p]

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Juan Antonio mono Carmen Faura carmenfm. Entra a Filmin tu alias o correo electrónico. Accede con Facebook. Never before has sex played such a key part in the storytelling of a movie. He's the writer, were the entire movie involves around. The story is mostly set inside his head. Visually the movie is really great and impresses just as much as the storytelling of the movie. The camera-work and colors are really great and create a very unique atmosphere for the movie. Those who are open for an unique, one of a kind, unusual movie experience, will surely be delighted with this magnificent beautiful looking and constructed movie.

However, that just warrants a second viewing, which I look forward to with much anticipation. What appear at the beginning of the film to be casual flings turn into much significant couplings with unanticipated consequences. Medem's techniques create a European art-house cinematic quality for the film, but they also create a puzzle to be solved by the viewer.

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Lucía y el sexo es una película española dirigida por Julio Medem, estrenada en Cuenta con Paz Vega y Tristán Ulloa en los papeles principales. Lucía y el sexo, la cinta que debes en compañía de tu novia. Una joven camarera de un céntrico restaurante madrileño, recibe una noche una.

It is impossible for me to choose which actress is more appealing or who gives a better performance. Fortunately, we get to see all of the charms of both actresses.

Lucia y El Sexo (2001) de Julio Medem

There are several absolutely delicious scenes in the movie, including a loveplay scene with Vega's character Lucia and her partner wielding a Polaroid camera, and a seduction scene in a park with Aneya's character Belen, in which she entices her prey by explaining her mom's profession and her living arrangements. The male character in both of these scenes, Lorenzo, is a tortured writer, but with women like this in his life, one has to wonder a bit why he is suffering so much.

The actors playing the roles of Lorenzo Tristan Ulloa and the role of Elena Najwa Nimri weren't well cast, in my opinion. It was hard for me to believe Ulloa was an intellectual, and Nimri seemed a little old for her role, and was nowhere near as enticing as the other two female leads.

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But the positives definitely outweigh the negatives and I will be a repeat viewer, both to understand the story better and to appreciate the film even more. Sex and Lucia is categorized as an erotic drama but it would be wrong to think of it as a strictly pornographic film. There is a strong story peopled with interesting characters that you care about. The eroticism of Sex and Lucia is part of the lives of the character and is not introduced gratuitously.

After the loss of her writer boyfriend Lorenzo , she seeks refuge on a quiet, secluded Mediterranean island that Lorenzo told her about and wanted to return to for a visit. Director Julio Medem has made a film that explored love and relationships in a thought provoking story, beautifully filmed. I found that the film is rewarding and I enjoyed viewing it more than once to pick out parts of the story that I had missed the first time.

Sex and Lucia is no rated but I would think it would be NC if it were to carry one. There are a few twists in this story which I would call 'fantasy'. However, the title is somewhat misleading because although there is nudity and sex, especially male genitals yeah! It is not a regular movie and subsequently not for everyone.

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Some scenes were down right confusing and I wondered why it was in the movie. The trailer they chose is stranger and had me scratching my head, but then again it's what sets apart foreign films from American ones. In any case, I did enjoy the film.

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